We know that animals, just like humans, have individual personalities that make them distinct, and that each type of pet has different levels of required care.  This is why we try to personalize our rates to accommodate each household's needs giving our customers the most affordable care for their animals. Meaning we don't charge per animal, but by the amount of time required to adequately care for them.  
Affordable Rates Ranging From $18.00 - $100.00
Most of our services include simple everyday tasks which make your home look occupied while you're away.  Such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, opening and closing blinds or curtains and adjusting lights daily.  We will also tidy up after your pets inside and out.  This includes yard clean-up, litter box clean-up, cage clean-up, mucking of stalls (all must be in good condition at start of service). We are also willing to administer any medications your animals may require to the best of our ability.
After you have chosen Worry Free Animal Care as your pet sitter or animal care provider we will come to your home prior to our services starting to meet with you and your animals.  This will also give us an opportunity to review your completed paperwork, answer any questions or concerns you may have and obtain the information we need to provide adequate care for your animals and home.  At this meeting we will also need to get two house keys from you.  We require two keys as a precautionary measure against lockouts and unforeseen emergencies that may arise.  
We provide pet sitting services for all animals from felines to equines; no animal is too small or too large to be pampered by our pet sitters.  So, contact us today for a quote on your personalized animal care based on your individual household's needs.  

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