My name is Sharron Schulte; I am 53 years old and have lived in rural West St. Louis County for the past 24 years.  I have always had a strong  desire to work with animals and have been given the opportunity to fulfill that life long dream.  It is my belief that owning an animal is a privilege and that they should become a member of your family and be treated as such. 
If you're anything like me, you probably get stressed out when you have to leave town on business or pleasure because you worry about the anxiety your animals will experience  in your absence.  This is what has inspired me to open 
I have had an array of pets throughout my life and currently supply a loving home to several animals, most of whom are rescues.  I can't recall a time in my life when my home wasn't occupied with a pet of some sort.  I have owned and cared for all types of animals throughout my lifetime including fish, birds, reptiles, small mammals (domesticated & wild), dogs, cats and horses.  I love animals, and they seem to love me, too!!!
Worry Free Animal Care and focus on what I love most in life, animals and their happiness.
About Us
So, instead of imposing on family, friends and neighbors or putting your pet through unnecessary stress and anxiety by taking them to a kennel.  The next time you find yourself unable to care for your four legged companions won't you please give us a call and allow one of our pet sitters to supply them with the love and affection they crave in your absence in their own comfort zone, your home.

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