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We have known Sharron for more than twenty years.  Her and her husband live on 7 plus acres in Wildwood and share their home with several animals that were once homeless.  She has always had a passion for adopting and caring for animals.  Since we have known her, she has done this for everything from snakes (4); ferrets (11); cats (6 and counting); dogs (2) and horses (2).  Sharron is the most responsible and loving person I have ever met.  She is honest and dependable.  We have trusted her to care for our beloved Yorkie, Cody and our home when we are on vacation.
Nancy & Bruce H.  (St.Louis, MO)
I have known Sharron for many years and have seen her happily care for all types of pets - dogs, cats, ferrets, horses and even reptiles!   Sharron has all the qualities that a great pet sitter should have.  She is knowledgeable, loving, gentle, dependable and conscientious. My husband and I have multiple dogs and cats and trust Sharron to care for each and everyone of them along with our home.  
Julie O.  (Waterloo, IL)
I was referred to Sharron through a friend.  My dog Linus had some bad experiences at kennels and in other people's homes.  Sharron came over before we left to meet the animals and listen to my needs. She took care of my dog, cat, fish, and hamster!!!  She even scooped the cat box!  After trips, our dog was usually stressed for days and had even lost weight.  When we returned, the mail and papers were stacked neatly on the table, the cat box was clean and the animals were calm and fabulous.  I would highly recommend Sharron's loving care to anyone.  

Judy R.  (Wildwood, MO)
I just want people to know how great Sharron was with my cat, Cutie.  I really was very nervous about going to my nephew's wedding out of State until I heard about Sharron and then met her.  My Cutie is now blind and when I left her at a kennel when she wasn't blind, I didn't have very good luck.  Cutie took a liking to Sharron right away and she was so kind, loving, and gentle with her.  Cutie even surprised me by eating the bag of treats Sharron left her.  I appreciate all that Sharron did, clean Cutie's litter box each time she came and the area around it, took out the trash, fixed and fed her special food, combed and played with her, and brought in my mail.  Sharron even called to verify that I had made it back home so that she knew Cutie would be taken care of.  I recommend Sharron to everyone.  She is wonderful and very caring with animals.  Thanks Sharron.
Pauline N. (Chesterfield, MO)